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Metallic Goods - Metal Product Plastic - Rubber
Machine and Equipment Production Electric Motors - Redactors
Automotive Spare Parts Medical Equipment - Material
Iron - Steel Hydraulic - Pneumatic - Automation
Thermal Process - Casting Trashing and Manual Tools
Various Spare Parts Chemistry - Dye - Detergent
Metallic Furniture Food - Agriculture
White Household / Electric Household Materials Packaging
Building Materials Import - Export
Mould Production Counseling
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Metal Processing    
Rasping Machinery Trashing and Manual Tools
Sheet Iron Processing Machinery Dye and Heat Processing Dryers
Surface Processing Machinery Compressors and Pumps
Metal Processing Press Generators
Welding Machinery Industrial Oils
Electric Motors, Redactors Lifting, Carrying and Stacking Equipments
Cutting and Holding Machinery    
CAD/CAM Systems Hard Rubber / Rubber Mold
Sheet Iron Molds Thermoplastic Molds
Plastic Injection Molds Sensitive Cutting
Metal Injection Molds Standard Molding Elements
Vacuum Molds Molding Steals
Wrought Molds Molding Materials
Cast Molds    
Industrial Automation    
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Control Valves
PLC, DCS, SCADA and Industrial PC's Elastic Mounting Systems
Testing, Measuring and Controlling Instruments Industrial Security Systems
UPS (Uncut Power Supply) Commanding Panels
AC, DC, Servo and Speed Controlling Instruments Automatic Weighing, Dosing and Packaging System
Robotics Systems    
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